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Welcome to JEAS

Journal of Engineering and Applied Science (JEAS) is a journal related to the field of Engineering and Applied Science. It is a peer-reviewed, and archival journal providing a publication medium for complete coverage addressing all topics of interest to academics, researchers, professionals, practitioners, educators, programmers, developers, managers, and executives in the field of Engineering, Applied Sciences and Technology.

Its goal is to foster the advancement of the state-of-the-art in these fields. The journal solicits original, high quality, and unpublished papers, or extended versions of papers presented at conferences. Engineering and Apllied Sciences play pivotal role in the development of today's world. Widespread research and innovative practices are propelling the world to a new plateau of development. The aims of JEAS is to focus the rapid strides and technological advancements in engineering and applied in recent years.

The official language of JEAS is English.